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     Their carpet cleaners were exceptional in every which way. I never thought that I'd see my carpet so clean again. Lampton Carpet Cleaner know how to deliver, impressed massively.
Rohan M19/05/2020
     After my stroke, I couldn't catch up with cleaning at home. My son hired this company, and they really made life easier for me. I'm happy to refer them to all my friends and family. Thank you!
Gladys E.20/09/2019
     As far as house cleaning goes, LamptonCarpetCleaners delivered exactly what they promised, right on time. My home hasn't been this clean in years and we owe it all to them.
Michael B.15/09/2017
     Our office uses LamptonCarpetCleaners for end of the night floor cleaning and some other services. The staff is professional, friendly and helpful, and they offer services at reasonable prices. Highly recommend them to anyone!
W. Smith28/07/2017
     Thanks to LamptonCarpetCleaners, your help was much appreciated. Was not anticipating quite so much work to be done, so I was rapidly running out of time to get the house ready. Your quick response meant that I could just focus on other things while you guys handled all of the hard work and helped me to relax. Never known the place to be this clean, you've definitely had an impact. Will be calling you again shortly as the house can never be too clean. Thanks.
B. Marsh07/01/2015
     My office building has many windows on it, so there's no time for me or my staff to clean them. We heard about LamptonCarpetCleaners and decided to see if they could help. After one phone call, I was convinced they could so I hired them. Their team came to the office and saw to every window. They worked hard and swiftly, so the job was done in no time. I was very happy with their services so I will hire them indefinitely.
Amalia C.18/12/2014
     We need all five of the mattresses in our house cleaned on a pretty regular basis. There is no way to do it practically and professionally ourselves so we thought we would call in the experts. My sister had used LamptonCarpetCleaners for her mattress cleaning needs before this so we knew what we would be getting into. They provided a great service that saw our mattresses go from dirty, stained, awful things into practically shop-new beds of happiness and cleanliness. The mattress cleaning service from this company is among the best we have encountered over the years and we were truly impressed. I recommend them!
     The drains in the house were severely blocked up for a couple of weeks. The drainage from the kitchen was especially bad, and I knew it wasn't your everyday kitchen issue that I could tackle on my own. A friend advised hiring cleaning contractors for drain cleaning services and recommended LamptonCarpetCleaners. The team sorted out the issue super quick and I'm glad I called in the pros instead of trying my luck with drain cleaning chemicals and all sorts of ad-hoc cleaning techniques.
     LamptonCarpetCleaners certainly made a good first impression, and that positivity continued throughout the rest of the hiring experience. As soon as I started talking to the guy over the phone, I knew things were going to go well. The hiring procedure wasn't complicated in the slightest, and before I knew it, everything was on the right track. The cleaners they sent over were brilliant - they were quick and to the point. The carpets, furniture and tiles were all tidied up in no time. My home looks great now, and it barely cost me a penny! Thanks!
Bradley Y.29/08/2014
     Having just moved into the area from abroad, I was looking for a reliable cleaning company and think I have finally found it with LamptonCarpetCleaners. It was a case of trial and error at first with me using different cleaning companies which for one reason or another just weren't suitable. This company, however, has cleaners of a better standard than you find elsewhere. Most of all they do what needs to be done which should be a matter of course but unfortunately isn't for other companies. Of course their low prices are also very attractive to me. I would certainly consider trying this company out if you're looking for a top class cleaning company.
Alex F.13/08/2014
     I had been working overseas for a year, and on my return I had forgot how dirty an unused flat can become. My sister told me about a cleaning firm shed had been using recently and was pleased with, so I thought I would give them a try. LamptonCarpetCleaners were brilliant from my first contact. I sorted a date and a cleaning service that suited my schedule. The cleaners arrived on time and with a lot of cleaning products and equipment. They started straight away scrubbing, dusting, washing and vacuuming. My flat just looked so clean and spotless when the friendly cleaners had finished.
Paul E.24/07/2014
     I am on the road all the time so I don't have as much time as I'd like for cleaning my house. I hate things becoming messy so I thought my best bet was to call LamptonCarpetCleaners for help. I knew that they could do everything I required and send their cleaners to my house when I needed and take care of all the work for me. This means I got an expert clean without needing to do any work. Their excellent services are flexible and affordable, and ensure that I always return to a spotless home after weeks on the road.
Albert C.20/06/2014
     When I've had to look for a cleaning company in the past, there's always been something that's let them down. I've always had a problem with one aspect of their service. There's always been that one little thing which is not quite right. Maybe it's just me, but I know how I like my home cleaned. I've had none of these problems with LamptonCarpetCleaners. Every time I've hired them, they've been absolutely perfect. As someone who finds fault with the majority of services, then I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I was with their fantastic services. Top drawer.
Justin Thompson04/06/2014
     I started using LamptonCarpetCleaners six months ago when my work load increased extensively, somebody else had used them before me and recommended them to me and so I thought I'd try them out, they are wonderful, they do a great job, the clean everything, even those areas which I never get round to doing myself often. My home looks and feels great and what I enjoy the most is coming home to fresh clean home with no housework at all to do. They are well worth the price and they do a fabulous job, don't think I could be without them now!
     I have recently had the pleasure of using LamptonCarpetCleaners, and they were a delight! If anyone reading this is looking for an excellent cleaning company, and wants a recommendation, then you have come to the right place! A small but hard working team of cleaners, who get the job done in a quick and efficient way, whilst always being pleasant and polite. A really great service, and not too expensive as well, I was pleased to notice! Highly recommended form this end, I hope that they get loads more work!
Bethany Long05/03/2014
     If anyone out there is in need of a reliable cleaning company, then you need look no further than LamptonCarpetCleaners. They have been excellent every time that I have used them, and I am relying on them more and more often to get my place looking nice and clean for when I have people round. I may well even start using them every week! One time I had a particularly bad carpet stain, where I had dropped a casserole, and they got it out, not a trace left! A fantastic company and nice people to have around.
Harold Green07/01/2014

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